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Employment law covers all aspects of the legal relationship between the employee and employer. At John Fowlers Solicitors, our employment lawyers keep up-to-date with the frequent changes in employment law and assist in resolving employment disputes such as claims of unfair dismissal, unfair redundancy, discrimination, and unlawful deduction of wages, to name a few. We regularly represent clients at the Employment Tribunal.

As well as working with the employed, we often handle self-employment cases such as settling claims of non-payment, for instance.

Our employment law solicitors in Colchester have extensive experience supporting and advising clients and managing the dispute process, including resolving a dispute while still in employment and maximising on the outcome once employment has ended. If you're looking for an online estimate, visit our page here

Taking your employer or employee to court is a delicate process and, for the best outcome, must be handled with the utmost care – that’s where our professional, passionate, and personable employment lawyers in Colchester, Essex, come in.

The areas of employment law we cover include:

  • Unfair Redundancy

  • Unlawful Deduction of Wages

  • Discrimination

  • Suspensions

  • Disciplinary Procedures

  • Grievances Procedures

  • Settlement Negotiations
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Employment Law FAQs

Can an employee be discriminated against if they do not have a disability?
The Court of Appeal has held that an employee can be discriminated against by an employer if they are treated less favourably because the employer believes the employee to have a disability, even if they do not. The Equality Act 2010 provides protection to employees from being treated unfavourably if their employer perceives them to be disabled.

What is defined as religious discrimination against an employee?
It is important that an employer does not suppress an employee’s religious beliefs but there are situations where they can put reasonable restrictions on the employee’s expression of that belief. Whether the restriction is a reasonable will, of course, depend on the relevant circumstances so an employer must tread carefully.

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